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How To Apply Makeup On Oily Skin

hello, ladies.i can solve the problems of the oily skin.it is the big issue of the modern century.so, my article helps you this solved the problem. first, I tell you how to apply makeup on oily skin? for the oily skin, those foundations are used for the makeup it can create the problem during the makeup.

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Face Primer

All the issues are around us to use not suitable foundation for oily skin after makeup they are damaged. therefore, before makeup you can clean your skin.before makeup first you pre-clean your skin.

how to apply makeup

How To Apply Makeup Primer

Next,  how to apply makeup primer on face.you can clean dirty products and dry your face with a new clean towel. sometimes the oily skin is many times can be a wash to get out of its oil on the face. only one solution of the oily skin is after morning and before night goes to bed you can clean your face.

how to apply makeup

How To Moisturize Your Face

Next, I tell you the how to moisturize your face? moisturizer is most important for the oily skin. moisturizer use for oily skin otherwise they can not spend his life.wash your face your cleanser and next to go to the dry on your face.therefore, you go to the clean towel.

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Traditionally Moisturizer

Therefore, oily skin ladies need traditionally moisturizer. Therefore, traditionally moisturizer help to the additional oil can be removed. Similarly, first, you can select your best moisturizer. Therefore, it can help you the face are be lightweight. Even so, all types of dirty products can be removed from your face.

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How To Apply Moisturizer

Next, I tell you how to apply moisturizer on your face. Therefore, a thin layer of the moisturizer on your face. moisturzier help to absorb oil on your face. Meanwhile, you can use moisturizer on your face, you feel your face look beautiful. All type of dirty products can be removed from your face.moisturize work to absorb all dirty products and oil on your face.

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Effects Of Oily Skin

Therefore, I tell you the effects of oily skin on face.there are many problems can be faced on the oily skin ladies it can not easy life on the oily skin ladies.oil can be created on your face pimples and many dark spots on your face. Similarly, oil can stay on the face so many blood cells can be combined and can create many pimples on your face.

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Oily Skin Makeup

Secondly. tell you the oily skin makeup on face.first you can apply foundation on a face. oily skin face only suitable for the solid foundation because the liquid foundation provides the oil. Therefore, the solid foundation cannot be found with 1% oil so oily skin face can apply a solid foundation.

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Oily Skin Face Powder

Similarly, after apply foundation, you can use face powder. Therefore, face powder can help you maintain your foundation on a face.so you are going to parties and other functions so it can stay you make up for a long-lasting time. similarly, your face looks dashing and pretty.

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How To Apply Makeup On Dry Skin

Therefore, I tell you how to apply makeup on dry skin? if you have dry skin. you know it is too difficult to apply makeup and stay makeup on the face. sometimes makeup first looks beautiful after 5min your makeup damaged it can effect of the dry skin. Even so, it is only one solution of dry skin makeup.

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Dry Skin Moisturizer

Therefore, I share your information.dry skin ladies you dry moisturzier.many times you can wash your wash to remove dryness on face.first you choose primer on your suitable skin. therefore, you can how to apply makeup on face.primer is use on your face before applying makeup

how to apply makeup

Dry Skin Foundation

it can absorb you dryness on a face. after primer use, you can use foundation. Therefore, dry skin ladies your liquid foundation. it can easily suitable on the face.

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How To Apply Eye Makeup

first, I tell you how to apply eye makeup on a face? before makeup you can apply on face.you can use primer on a face. primer help us the makeup on the face. the primer can help one day stay your makeup perfectly. therefore it is not damaged any part of your face.primer can increase your beauty.

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Types Of Shades

There are many types of shades. your makeup is all over the party is unique and beautiful. therefore I tell you the best suitable primer foundation and concealer .next you can apply on eye.you can apply eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow.

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How To Apply Foundation

There are many colours in the foundation, therefore you can use suitable for skin. it can perfect looking of your skin.you can choose your foundation and apply on eyes.you can pink your brush and apply foundation on the face.

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How To Apply Concealer

therefore, you can choose your finger to easily use in concealer.you can apply the concealer on under eye .it can drop on concealer on the finger.they can remove the blemish or red areas.so you can use the best concealer on the face.

How To Apply Eye Shadow

There are the different type of brushes you use eyeshades. different brushes can work on different looks. for example. a larger brush can be work on the lighter layer on colour shades. therefore, smaller brushes can be work on the darker colour shades you can only choose one brushes to use eyeshadow.

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  • Larger brushes work on the lighter colour coating on your eyelid.
  • Medium brushwork on the more cover on the eyeshadow.
  • Small brushes work on the greatest colouring of eyeshadow.
  • Angle brushes are work on the lining.

How To Apply Eye Liner

there are two types of eyeliner are:


  • Liquid eyeliner.

how to apply makeup



  • Pencil Eyeliner.


Liquid Eyeliner

Liquid eyeliner is used at the end of the eye . it help can longer and bulgy eyes. its looks pretty to open your eyes. you can choose an eyeliner .therefore it can be applied to the eyes is more slightly because it works is more difficult.eyeliner is the biggest part of the makeup.

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How To Apply Mascara

therefore I tell you they are many types of mascara. so you can choose best for your eyes. Hold a mascara on your hand and deep on eyes under eyes and create top lashes. so you can start to apply mascara on eye your speed is sweeping motion and slow work and sometimes coating of your eyelashes it can pretty look can be created.

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How To Apply Lipstick

There is much colour of lipstick you can use. therefore you can select suitable for your makeup .it is own choice you can select what type of lipstick colour. these are the best lipstick colour are ;

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  • Red.

how to apply makeup


  • Pink.

how to apply makeup

  • Brown.

how to apply makeup

  • Maroon.

how to apply makeup

How To Apply Makeup Step By Step

still, I m glad to share this information with you. Similarly, I tell you how to apply makeup on the face. I am all problems can be solved.Hopefully, you can apply my information on your face.Therefore, you are the best result for my information. Still, otherwise you are happy my information so we can apply on face.hopefully you look pretty well. Still thanks for reading my article.

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