Islamic Dress code In The Modern Society

Islamic dress code in the modern society:

Some of them apply only to face-covering clothing such as the burqa, chador, boushiya or niqab. Some apply to any clothing with an Islamic religion symbolism such as the khimar, a type of headscarf. Now I tell you what does an Arab man wear?. The white robe, called thoub is the main item of clothing for Gulf men and is generally worn with a pair of loose-fitting trousers called shalwar either long or short. Here I tell you the difference between hijab and burqa?. I also explain what is the purpose of wearing hijab? In my article fashion Islamic clothes. I tell you how your wear Islamic dress code in the modern society under conditions of religion. I also explain to you what is the significance of the hijab ?. There are a variety of different styles of burqa which covers your whole body and also  Islamic dresses. What is Islamic dress called?. In English terms refer predominantly to the Islamic head covering for women and its underlying religious precepts. Full length, a robe-like outer garment that covers the whole body except the head, feet, and hands. Usually worn with headscarf gloves and niqab. In fashion, Islamic clothes include these all gloves .niqab etc

Islamic dress code in the modern society

Islamic Dress

Islamic clothes for women:

Now I tell you what is the meaning of hijab in Islam ?. Hijab is an Arabic word meaning barrier or partition. In Islam, however, it is border meaning. It is the principle of modesty and includes behaviour as well as a dress for both males and females. The most visible form of hijab is the head covering that many Muslim women wear. Hijab, however, goes beyond the headscarf. Now I give you a brief description of  Islamic clothes.



This word is sometimes used to generally describe an Islamic dress code in the modern society. More specifically, it refers to a square or rectangular piece of fabric which is folded, placed over the head and fastened under the chin as a headscarf


Common in Gulf countries this a cloak for women that is worn over other clothing when in public. The abaya is usually made of black synthetic fibre, sometimes decorated with coloured embroidery or sequins. the abaya usually is worn from the top of the head to the ground.


An enveloping dress was worn by women from the top of the head to the ground.


A face veil was worn by some Muslim women which may or may not leave the eyes uncovered.

5.BURQA: This type of veil and body covering conceals all of a woman’s body, including the eyes which are covered by a mesh screen.


This fashion Islamic cloth wears both man and women this is a pair of loose trousers that are worn with a long tunic.

Islamic dressing style

Islamic Dress

 Islamic dress for male:

Now I tell you about  Islamic dress for a male. These are:

  • Ghutra and Egal
  • Thobe
  • Bisht

These are all Islamic clothes for the man in Arabs and in all Islamic countries. I give you the whole information about the Islamic dress code for modern society. I am glad about sharing my ideas. Hopefully, my points help you a lot when you choose  Islamic clothes. you must apply my techniques when you buy the dress. you can share your views by writing compliments and by giving likes. You found a variety of articles by my articles helps you a lot as compared to other articles. thanks for reading.

Islamic dress for male

Islamic Dress


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